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Nexsen Pruet attorney to serve as Honorary Consul to Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United States of America has appointed Nexsen Pruet attorney David Robinson as Honorary Consul for the state of North Carolina. During the five-year term, Robinson will report to the Japanese Consul General in Atlanta.

As honorary consul, Robinson is tasked with promotion of commerce and relations between North Carolina and Japan, and their people. NC Governor Pat McCrory recently wrote to Kazou Sunaga, Consul General of Japan in Atlanta and had kind words for Robinson. 

"We are also thankful that we have David Robinson as our newly installed Honorary Consul and appreciate your support of his nomination.  Having someone stationed here that can consistently promote our existing relationships and help develop new ones is so very important."

Robinson recognizes the importance of cultural understanding in international commerce and knows when "yes" means yes and when it means no.  He has run two U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies, is the current Chair of the International Law and Practice Section of the NC Bar Association and has been an active force in the local Japanese community for over two decades.

"Japan is one of North Carolina’s largest trading partners and investors, so I look forward to expanding this partnership through greater cultural exchanges and the sharing of business opportunities," said Robinson. "The strength, trust, and durability of the Japan – US, and Japan – NC, relationship is a model for bilateral relationships around the world.  It is a high honor to be the Honorary Consul for Japan in North Carolina."

For more information on this or any other legal matter in The Carolinas, USA, please contact Val Stieglitz on VStieglitz@nexsenpruet.com

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