Younger Lawyers Forum and Lawyer Exchanges

LAWorld Next Generation (LNG) is a forum for younger lawyers. More than thirty young business lawyers meet up twice a year to exchange ideas, legal updates and business opportunities.  These meetings combine formal business and general discussion sessions with social and cultural events which encourage business networking and getting to know each other.

In addition, members of LAWorld regularly exchange young lawyers for either several weeks or several months and these exchanges offer the following benefits:

• Unique career opportunities for trainees and younger lawyers

• Helps to attract and hold the best law applicants to your firm

• Effective way of 'getting to know' LAWorld colleagues and strengthen awareness of LAWorld with all lawyers in member firms

• Fast track improvement of language skills and foreign laws and judiciary systems

LAWorld encourages all its members to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. For more information on LNG please email Friederike Jawad ( and Stefan Kunz ( who are LNG’s Organization Committee.

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