Seeking New Members(locations)

LAWorld welcomes applications from any jurisdiction where we do not currently have a member firm. In particular, we are interested in applications from the following places:

Seoul, S. Korea
Wellington, New Zealand
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manilla, Phillipines
Bangkok, Thailand
Hanoi, Vietnam
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sydney (Corporate), Brisbane, Canberra, Australia

North America:
Western Canada, Canada
Vancouver/ Montreal, Canada
Dallas - Corporate
Silicon Valley

Europe and Middle East:
Sofia, Bulgaria
Glasgow, Scotland
Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart, Germany
Rome, Turin Trieste, Italy
Reykjavik, Iceland
Oslo, Norway
Prstina, Kosovo
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Skopje, Macedonia
Valleta, Malta
Chisinau, Moldova
Monaco, Monaco
Podgorica, Montenegro
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ljubljana, Slovakia
Kiev, Ukraine

South America:
Lima, Peru
Havana, Cuba
Panama City, Panama
Montevideo, Uruguay
Caracas, Venezuela

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Business News

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