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This year, the Latin America region is likely to see a gradual return to growth after a difficult couple of years.  Economic activity in Latin America will be supported by a gradual stabilization in commodities prices along with a strengthening in the recovery of the U.S. economy and, to a lesser extent, in the Eurozone.  Challenges continue as China’s economy slows and prices for the natural resources that the region exports decline. Mexico continues to work to promote foreign investment in offshore oil. Colombia is continuing to negotiate a peace agreement with rebel groups and looking to attract investment. Argentina has a new President and will work to re-establish a better relationship with creditors. Venezuela and Brazil both face serious ongoing political and economic problems. Latin America’s borders are open to the global market and for development.  The region offers friendly scenarios to do business and to invest in agriculture, oil, mining, mechanical industry, infrastructure and technology.

In order to cater to the requirements of your business, across public and private sectors, LAWorld lawyers are qualified in all areas of law and comprehensive corporate counselling.

To act in a timely and cautious manner through the legal, economic and political landscapes is crucial to negotiate a safe path towards your potential projects in Latin America. All Latin American members of LAWORLD offer quality services and a personalized approach to focus on your requirements and find the best solutions.  We co-operate with our clients from the launch of their commercial activities in the region and continue to provide long term support.

In a world that requires exchange, novelty and permanent transformation, we have the experience and ability to provide an immediate response to an environment that calls, more than ever, for ethical principles and professionalism to meet your needs.