Expert in transaction and restructuring matters for businesses, Dr Matthias Müller, has recently joined law firm A C Tischendorf, one of the leading commercial law firms in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and LAWorld client member.

Dr Müller specialises in cross-border transactions and restructuring matters in particular. Shortly before joining ACT he was, amongst other things, a client member of the team that saw the ‘Frankfurter Rundschau’ publishers through their recovery endeavours.  He was also jointly in charge of seeing the solar group Centrotherm through its insolvency right up to the end, using the new protective umbrella procedure under the German Company Restructuring Facilitation Act [the ‘ESUG’].

Founding partner of ACT, Dr. Sven Tischendorf said “Matthias brings to us not only his legal know-how but also his business experience, acquired inter alia as a CFO of a medium-sized company. His dual qualifications mean that he is a first-class fit with ACT’s fundamental bias”.  For more information please email