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Berne, Zurich and Munchen, Switzerland

Founded in 1988 the strategy of Bader Gnehm & Partner has been to build its reputation for quality, expertise and approachability to become one over Switzerland’s leading international business law firms which now has offices Berne, Zurich and Murten. The firm’s growth has enabled its lawyers to offer a comprehensive range or accessible, convenient, rapid and sound legal services to its clients, whether the businesses or individuals in almost all fields of law, including complex legal matters.


It is the belief of Bader Gnehm & Partner that working closely with and taking time to understands their clients well is the best way to consistently deliver the best and most cost effective solution for the clients. They provide comprehensive case management whilst affording clients close contact with partners and associates.

Bader Gnehm & Partner advises clients on or legal issues; prepares risk assessments ans counsel’s  opinions  to provide a sound and balanced basis for a decision.  They advise on and draft custom made contracts which can be used as a basis for negotiations, attend meetings with clients if requested, or conduct the negotiations and support clients through the implementation process.  In the field of technology Bader Gnehm & Partner compiles expert opinions and helps clarify a strategic and operative queries.

The firm’s experienced trial lawyers have a formidable reputation before the Swiss civil, administrative and criminal colts in all types of domestic and international litigation and arbitration.  They represent clients before national and international courts of arbitration, regardless of whether they are held according to the rules all of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or according to the Swiss rules on the international arbitration.  On request they can also acts as an arbitrator.

Bader Gnehm & Partner is particularly active in the following practice areas:

  • Civil and Contract Law
  • Construction and Planning /Real Property Law
  • Company Law and M&A / Private Equity
  • Banking and Financial Market Law / Collective Investment Law


Bader Gnehm & Partner act for foreign clients doing business in Switzerland. Their lawyers speak German, English and French.


Michael Bader
tel:+41 31 329 55 66

Oliver Gnehm
tel:+41 44 312 20 20

Main tel:+41 31 329 55 66
Main fax:+41 31 329 55 59


Berne Office
Kramgasse 25
CH-3000 Berne 8
+41 31 329 55 66
+41 31 329 55 64

Zurich Office
Genferstrasse 21
+41 44 312 20 20
+41 44 312 20 19

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