The law firm of Nexsen Pruet, LAWorld client member firm for The Carolinas, USA, has been retained by the Consulate General of Mexico (responsible for the jurisdiction of North and South Carolina, USA) to provide the Consulate, Mexican nationals and businesses in the Carolinas with specialized legal counsel and, as necessary, legal representation in the Carolinas.

Certain legal expenses of Mexican nationals and businesses represented by Nexsen Pruet will be covered by the Consulate.  This agreement is a formal consular representation of the United Mexican States, pursuant to Article 1, Paragraph a, of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and covers certain specific areas of the law; including administrative, civil, family, labor and immigration.

Working with Consular Officials, Nexsen Pruet will act as counsel to direct referred parties, to required resources, or to represent them as necessary.

January 2011