The main meeting delegates began to realise that the network they had built could only continue into the decades if they began building up a generation to follow. That was the moment when the LNG (LAWorld Next Generation) idea was born. Ever since the first kick-off meeting held in Frankfurt in November 2013, young lawyers from most European client member law firms have gathered at every regional meeting in order to share ideas and insights into their way of working, marketing their services, the path to becoming a partner and have built a strong network amongst the young colleagues as well as with the main meeting delegates. The participation of younger lawyers has proven to be an advantage to both the official agenda of the meeting and the more casual, social elements of the meeting.

In 2017 the LNG was the first time officially invited to the AGM in Spain and started to spread the idea to the other regions of LAWorld.

Thanks to LNG, young lawyers within Europe are improving their networking skills in international surroundings, are improving their English language skills, are inspired to attempt new methods of marketing and always return to their offices with new motivation for their own work.

We believe that it is very important to also share the concept of LAWorld with the generation of partners to come.

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